Microsoft Cloud Servers

Microsoft Cloud Servers powered by Microsoft Azure and Hyper V technology enables cloud servers to be setup in minutes. Traditional applications such as Microsoft SQL, Windows Server and Users Line Of Business Applications can be moved to the Cloud.



When you have Microsoft Cloud Servers you no longer need:

  • Servers in the office – no more capital expenditure
  • Fancy desktop computers – utilise existing or scaled down desktop PCs
  • To worry about backups – it is all backed up in two data houses around the world
  • Capital Expenditure on Hardware
  • Capital Expenditure on Software
  • Software Licensing issues
  • Hardware Warranty extensions
  • Upgrading storage space
  • Office space to have the IT infrastructure
  • Air Consitioning and cooling the IT infrastructure
  • Security that you cannot afford – it comes with enterprise security as standard

The Microsoft platform is amazing and with 60% savings on traditional IT – why would you not at least find out how much it could save your business yearly.

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