Microsoft Lync

The Lync communication is truly amazing enabling people to communicate easily wherever they are. If you think of Lync as a phone, instant messenger and video calling, that it just the beginning.

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Please look at the video below to see how Lync truly works and puts the business that use it streets a head.




What can Microsoft Lync do for my business?

Stay in touch anywhere:- Lync enables users to coommuniate with each other anywhere as log as they have an Internet connection. No more being tiedto your office phone or mobile – Lync gives you the freedom to have the best of both on one Lync system.

Works on any device: – Use Lync on any device, yes that means iPhone, iPad, Tablets, PCs and traditional phones in the office. The best part is that it is one system, which means office calls can be taken on the mobile and vice versa. Oh and save money on the cost of calls as it all goes through the Internet.

Corporate Video Conferencing – The Lync system has High Definition Video Conferencing capability. This means Skype like calls face to face, but at business grade quality. The best part is that the quality is superb and it is fully secure and encrypted.

Quickly Connect To Contacts – The Lync Quick Lync feature means that you can hover over a contact name and decide how to communicate. The choices are email, instant messenger, voice, video or leave message if offline.

Voice Calls – Save money by using Lync instead of traditional phone systems with ISDN phone lines. Calls between Lync connections are free. You can also bring with you any landline phone numbers toLync with Zero down-time or interruption.

If you want to fine out more, why not book a free demo and get a trial setup.

No obligation – just see what it is about and be blown away with its ease of use and savings.