Microsoft Office 365

The promise of always on email, documents and Microsoft Office on any device with rock solid reliability, mean that Microsoft Office 365 is a no brainer.

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner we have been transforming businesses to Microsoft Office 365. This means no disruption, no delays, no lost emails. The Office 365 suite is more than just Microsoft Office and with Office Sharepoint (document sharing & backup), Hosted Exchange (email) and Lync (corporate secure Skype & phone system) it the essential pack for all businesses no matter how big or small.

Office 365 is essential in today’s business world for always on rock solid connectivity, because businesses cannot be without email and documents ever!




You can access your office anywhere giving your business and staff always on access to:

  • Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Onenote
  • Video Conferencing and telephony through Microsoft Lync
  • File Sharing on multiple devices with Microsoft Sharepoint – no more worrying about backups, file versions or which device the document was saved on.

Office 356 System can be switched on at anytime and transform a business over a weekend.
This new cloud system enables business to realise these advantages:

  • No more worrying about software licenses
  • No more maintaining or buying new servers
  • No more interruption or down-time on email
  • No more spam, viruses or security headaches
  • No more capital upfront expenditure



Find out how we reduce costs on average of 60%


How we reduce costs on average
How we increase the reliability
How we secure your data
Office 365 is hosted in the Cloud which ensures access, reliability, availablility and amazing security. In fact when the latest Crypto Locker virus encrypted a computers files – meaning they would be useless – any documents on Office 365 did not get affected. This is why we feel passionately how this can help businesses grow and succeed in today’s world.

Find out what our client experiences have been about Office 365.