Microsoft Office SharePoint

The ability to access your documents or corporate network anywhere is now a reality.
This can be done from an device including smartphones and tablets. Why not mobilise your business with SharePoint and anywhere access. No more worrying about backups, versions or which computer or device that your document was stored on.


Do you need to share documents in different locations? Are your documents spread across many devices? Do workers and sub-contractors struggle to access the right information?
Microsoft SharePoint Online is a business collaboration and control system that will get people sharing infromation and ideas in more cost effective way while saving so much time.

Some of the ways it will transform your business:

  • Access your documents anywhere – no server needed
  • Secure access from Pcs, tablets, smartphones and iPads
  • Store versions of documents with full backup and audits built in
  • Know exactly which members of staff are working on which documents, in real time
  • Better communication through company intranet team-sites for projects
  • Reduce the need to keep emailing documents, they are all online
  • Never waste time trying to find a documents – search using the intranet system
  • Work on the same Excel or Word document in real time and chat while doing it

SharePoint Online is a fully hosted enterprise platform that allows the best in bread collaboration and security for your critical documents. Always available, backed up and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week on any device anywhere.

Find out how you can store your documents on this system.
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