Results Thinking IT Services

Amazing Up To Date Knowledge Had Contributed To The Smooth Running Of Our Network

“I wanted to say how impressed I have been with the speed, efficiency of H2o, including all the staff members whose amazing up to date knowledge has contributed to the smooth running of our network. This is a vast improvement and to be frank puts H2o in another league compared with our previous IT arrangement. They just know so much”
Redwood Wilson, Reichmann Properties
H2o deliver guaranteed results that completely eliminate 98% of problems that you currently experience with your computer network. This is achieved through our “patented 12 step process” through planning each and every client’s unique expected experience, this guarantees the results they need for their business.

The Aston Martin

H2o systems are fast and reliable – they just work like an Aston Martin from day one, It’s about the result.

Business Critical By Design

H2o uses Vmware, Linux and Magic Packet Technology to ensure it is designed properly from the beginning.

Security Safe

H2o ensure you don’t get hacked, and money is not stolen by organised hackers

Continuous Working - No Server Down

H2o uses continuous replication to second and third devices, to ensure if your server stops, you don’t have to.

Self Heal – H2o Inside

The Self Heal system has H2o Inside every computer and server that fixes problems before they happen

Always On Broadband

Our unique broadband boxes have two / three connections so that if one broadband fails, you are still able to browse the Internet, while the problem is worked on.

IT Genie - Work Anywhere

Have you ever needed to turn on or off your computer that you access remotely, but everyone has gone for the day.
Your very own IT Genie can turn it on and off from anywhere, just make a wish.

Immediacy – IT Help Anytime Anywhere 24/7

Help when you need it anytime – access your system from anywhere using your own virtual desktop.

Experience Driven - Your Industry

H2o are specialists in professional services in four main industries, Property / Construction, Legal, Financial and HealthCare.

“I’ve been working with H2o for the past five years and I continue to find their team and approach to be exceptional. If you look at the experience at every level, it provides me with complete confidence and control.”

H2o Networks design, install, support and maintain our clients’ IT infrastructures and ensure everything works daily. Central to this, we work on giving our clients a competitive advantage, help reduce costs, and genuinely seek ways to improve their business through technology.

Our approach is not to just solve issues, but to continuously work and eliminate problems before they actually happen. This is the experience that we create for our clients so that they can continuously work without IT frustrations.