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29 W h e n I asked you to exercise yourself against your anger, you were able to see as a token of the benefit gained that you no longer were becoming angry. 30 In the same way, let the fact that you n o longer yearn for the things which are most pleasant be a token for you in the matter of temperance. T h e road to temper­ ance is through self-discipline. It is in this very w a y that the temperate m a n holds an advantage over the m a n w h o has n o c o m m a n d over himself: the temperate m a n no longer yearns for delicacies of the table, either because of long-standing habit or because of his selfcontrol—as the very n a m e shows, since it is derived from controlling and conquering one's desires.

1 3 A s time goes on, you will understand without their help and realize h o w great were your former errors; then especially will it be clear that I a m telling you the truth w h e n I say that no one is free from passions and errors, not even if he be of the best natural disposition and reared with the best habits, but that everybody slips and does so all the more w h e n he is young. 11. See Arnim, Stoicorum veterum fragmenta, I, 233, p. 56. 12. Ibid. 13. See above, pp. 32-33. The Diagnosis and Cure of the Soul's Passions 37 IV For each of us needs almost a lifetime of training to become a perfect m a n .

Cit. 40 G A L E N on the passions and errors of the soul good, and anything but miserly. But he was so prone to anger that he used to assail his servants with his hands and even sometimes his feet, but far more fre­ quently with a whip or any piece of wood that happened to be handy. W h e n w e were in Corinth, w e decided to send all our baggage and all the servants, except two, from Cen­ chreae to Athens by ship while he would hire a cart for our journey overland by way of Megara. Indeed, when w e had passed through Eleusis and were coming to the Thriasian Plain, he asked the servants (who were following the cart) about a piece of luggage, but they could give him no answer.

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