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By Francois Boucher

Outsized Hardcover tells the tale of ways humans have dressed themselves from the earliest recorded occasions to trendy instances. A definitive learn that includes each one epoch and area, essentially mentioned in order that the amateur can get pleasure from this quantity in addition to the coed. A needs to for any scholar of the humanities or a person drawn to how style has advanced.

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Early Bronze Age. Copenhagen, National Museum. (Museum photo) Sewing guides in the form of bone plates pierced with holes have also been found. 'Although little known, the garment worn during the upper Palaeolithic cannot have differed much from that worn by the Eskimos, including a set of bone buttons, perforated and often decorated with engraved motifs. A new representation dis- Palaeolithic caves of the Crimea. covered at Angles-sur-l'Anglin (Vienne, France) gives a fairly precise picture of this garment: a fur, opening in front GOLD ORNAMENT 28 This very fine piece shows refined techniques in the working of gold other examples have been found, but amber ornaments are still more frequent in tombs : BELL-SHAPED IDOL 30 Figurine suggesting the use of a wide, stiff skirt; versions of this have been found in Spain and Hungary.

Spread more rapidly and was adopted by the Akkadians, expanding through the whole of the Middle East. This situation made Mesopotamia an ideal land for migration, and led to successive, repeated enrichment and plundering by nomads who came down into the valleys from the mountains of the east, the Caucasus and Asia Minor, attracted by the mirage of Oriental wealth. The fluctuating evolution of this region, incessantly interrupted by floods and wars but always rebuilt on the basic prosperity of reviving trade, explains the changes, relationships and influences that can be observed in the history of its costume.

12. 30 ff. E. E. Vogt: Geflechte und Gewerbe der Steinzeit, 1937. Vogt: 'Vanneries et tissus a I'age de la pierre et du bronze en Europe' Les Cahiers Ciba, No. 15, February 1948. Prehistoric Chronology PALAEOLITHIC EARLY Abbevillean 600,000 to 160,000 BC Hunters of Acheulean MIDDLE M ouster ian LATE Aurignacian Solutrean mammoth and reindeer 160,000 to 40,000 BC Fur garments 40,000 to 8000 BC Magdalenean MESOLITHIC Hunters and fishermen 8000 to 3000 BC Hide garments NEOLITHIC Farmers and shepherds 3000 to 1000 BC Flax cultivation Hide garments Early weaving BRONZE AGE 2100 to 1000 BC Sailors and artisans Early use of wool Woven, decorated garments IRON AGE HALLSTATT PERIOD 1000 to 500 BC LA T£NE period 500 to 50 BC histoire (Histoire Universelle V Homme avant Vecriture and A.

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