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By Dana Bell

London released army heritage - Air

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Asked Kieran. Vaillant answered as casually as though it was the most ordinary question in the world. " It was wonderful, thought Kieran, how he could take a statement like that without getting excited. It was almost as though he'd known it all the time. "How—” he began, when there was an interruption. Something buzzed thinly in the pocket of Vaillant's shirt. " A tiny voice squawked from the disk. It was too far from Kieran for him to understand what it was saying but it had a note of excitement, almost of panic, in it.

He tried to sit up. It was useless, he was too weak. He lay, breathing heavily. He felt that he should be hysterical with fear but somehow he was not, that barrier in his mind prevented it. He had decided to try shouting when a door in the side of the little room slid open and a man came in. He came over and looked down at Kieran. He was a young man, sandy-haired, with a compact, chunky figure and a flat, hard face. His eyes were blue and intense, and they gave Kieran the feeling that this man was a wound-up spring.

It went across his brain like a shattering bolt of lightning, that word. He did not know what the word was or what it meant but it found an echo somewhere and his brain screamed it. " Not his brain alone, his voice was gasping it, harshly and croakingly, his lungs seeming on fire as they expelled the word. He was shaking. He had a body that could shake, that could feel pain, that was feeling pain now. He tried to move, to break the nightmare, to get back again to the vague dreams, and the soothing whisper.

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