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By Dan Carpenter

A daring cartography of the internal panorama obvious in simple terms to these experiencing altered states• provides the psychedelic adventure as an aim panorama that embodies the opposite, instead of a subjective mind set• offers corroboration of phenomena encountered through those that enterprise into this domainJourneying into the invisible global published through his use of the dissociative psychedelic DXM (dextromethorphan), Dan chippie came across that what he skilled was once now not easily subjective sensations and mental states yet an aim international of common, if inordinately strange, landmarks and characters. The working diary he saved of those voyages recounts impressions of a panorama charted via different tourists into this internal area and comprises descriptions of a few of the related phenomena recorded by way of such brain tourists as Terence and Dennis McKenna, Alexander and Ann Shulgin, and others who've skilled the hive mind--the pool of all awareness. Into this territory the place expression is like chaos idea, the place oddly symmetrical order manifests out of the probably anarchic swirl of pictures and occasions, the writer ventures with the frame of mind of a naturalist, accepting no matter what could be instead of what he hopes he could locate. What emerges isn't a position crafted through subjective event, yet a panorama that embodies the opposite and that represents a wide awake nation during which the boundaries among the self and the not-self dissolve.

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They’re not centered in themselves and desperately want others to validate them, like them, love them, or at least need them. If that’s you, you want others’ esteem so much that you try to turn yourself into a people‐pretzel in order to please, accommodate, and win someone else’s acceptance. You feel anxious if others are unhappy with you, and you give their needs, feelings, and opinions precedence over your own. In fact, you silence, sometimes even to yourself, your own needs, feelings, thoughts, and values to become what you believe is expected or desired by someone else, especially in romantic relationships — where the rubber meets the road.

These are your wounds of codependency. You don’t realize this or that, deep down, you don’t believe you matter. Sadly, your wounds make you ashamed of who you are — of being human — so you hide them from others, even from yourself. This is denial. In this chapter, I describe the major traits and symptoms of codependency. You may have some, but not all, or not all the time or with everyone. Symptoms and severity vary among codependents. Hidden Shame Shame is a painful feeling of unworthiness, inadequacy, and alienation.

If you don’t like the term codependency, disregard it; but if you resonate with some aspects discussed, focus on those and then utilize the suggested action steps that you find helpful. Defining Codependency Today, no consensus exists on a definition of codependency. It hasn’t been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association for inclusion in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is published periodically to describe agreed-upon criteria for mental diagnoses. 30 Part I: Getting Started on Overcoming Codependency In 1989, 22 leaders in the field convened at a national conference and came up with a tentative definition of codependency: “Codependency is a pattern of painful dependence upon compulsive behaviors and approval of others to find safety, self-worth, and identity.

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