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By Carey Molter

Introduces, briefly textual content and illustrations, using the letter blend "ain" in such phrases as "train," "sprain," "chain," and "brain."

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Billy Bitzer, with the luck of the Irish, became Griffith’s main cameraman—because he had the inevitable knack of making meaningful mistakes. A ‘mis-take’ in film parlance is a photographic ‘take’ that must be ‘taken’ again—when, say, the lens’ cleaning tissue is left hanging down over the lens . . —to veil the features of, say, a woman’s face and thereby gives the world new vision of beauty . . an odalisque as if nude, so blurred are her clothes in disintegration of form, that one can imagine her flesh more surely than if she were photographed naked .

And to see it run its fact-of-life as if for the first time in darkened auditorium—as if it/act had just happened . . as in fact it had—oh! . . this was to fly in the face of heaven—and/or to come close to being God. But cinema as medium offered Carl more ‘growth-up’ than any making-of-news or mimic-of-heaven . . for film is a Jacob’s-ladder that moves through Time as well as Space . . (think of the difference between the verbs “record” and “report”) a motion picture is, as it were, a record—vibrates beyond any verb .

He but the boy/Carl who struck the match—the gift of God: she but the queen bee of all 19th century societal hive— she but the victim of her own illusion . . not his . . — as powerless as a flake of snow. (“ ‘Look! The white bees are swarming,’ said the old grandmother. ’ asked the little boy, for he knew that there was a queen among the real bees. (“ ‘Yes, indeed they have,’ said the grandmother. ‘She flies where the swarm is thickest. She is the biggest of them all and she never remains on the ground.

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