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By Everett B. Cole

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Kweiros reached into the compartment, to take out several tape reels. He glanced at them, nodded, and went back to the desk, where he spread them out and looked from one to another. Finally, he selected one of the smaller reels and started to thread it into the playback. There was a light tap on the door and he looked up. “So soon? ” A tall, sharp-featured guardsman entered and stood at attention. Beside him was a boy, who looked curiously and a little fearfully at the officer, who waved to chairs.

I'm trying something new,” he said. ” He busied himself with a bottle and glasses. ***** INFORMAL MEMO 130-263 From: Explorations Officer, Sector Nine To: Ecological Officer Subject: Incident Report Enclosed is the file on that recent occurrence on Planet 3-G3-9/4871, consisting of the certificates and statements of the various officers and guardsmen concerned, together with a digest of the interrogation of Elwar Forell, a young planetary native, who appears to have been the instigator. It seems to me that something is seriously wrong with our system of operation, at least on the subject planet.

He spread his hands. “I suppose—” Kweiros waved. “Logical, I presume,” he admitted. “Anyway, that's done, and we can't do much about it now. ” He glanced at the tape reels. “I noticed that the villagers in your area regarded you as a sorcerer. ” Jaeger shook his head. Kweiros looked at the boy. ” The boy shook his head. ” He shook his head again. “But it is very strong, Master. ” Kweiros looked speculatively at Jaeger. “I understood they were nontelepaths. ” “Definitely, sir, they are. They're absolutely mute.

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