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By Allen Carr

Allen Carr's hundred-cigarettes-a-day habit drove him to depression, yet after numerous makes an attempt to give up he came across what the realm have been watching for - the simple strategy to give up smoking. Now regarded because the world's major specialist on aiding people who smoke to hand over, Allen Carr's informative, no scare strategies equipment and strategies are a revelation for these wanting to kick the behavior.

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This is a classic example of the brainwashing. The expression implies a genuine sacrifice. The beautiful truth is that there is absolutely nothing to give up. On the contrary, you will be freeing yourself from a terrible disease and achieving marvelous positive gains. We are going to start removing this brainwashing now. From this point on, no longer will we refer to 'giving up', but to stopping, quitting or the true position: ESCAPING! The only thing that persuades us to smoke in the first place is all the other people doing it.

By partially relieving that aggravation at the same time as normal stress, the total stress is reduced and the smoker gets a boost. At this point the boost is not, in fact, an illusion. The smoker will feel better than before he lit the cigarette. However, even when smoking that cigarette the smoker is more tense than if he were a non-smoker because the more you go into the drug, the more it knocks you down and the less it restores you when you smoke. I promised no shock treatment. In the example I am about to give, I am not trying to shock you, I am merely emphasizing that cigarettes destroy your nerves rather than relax them.

By the time the smoker reaches the stage at which it is killing him, he believes the cigarette is his courage and cannot face life without it. Get it clear in your head that the cigarette is not relieving your nerves; it is slowly but steadily destroying them. One of the great gains of breaking the habit is the return of your confidence and self-assurance. 38 10 Boredom If you are already smoking at this moment, you will probably have already forgotten about it until I reminded you. Another fallacy about smoking is that cigarettes relieve boredom.

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