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By Richard M. Gray

Archetypal Expressions is a clean method of one in all Jung's best-know and most fun thoughts. Richard M. grey makes use of archetypes because the foundation for a brand new technique of reading the area and lays the rules of what he phrases an "archetypal sociology". Jung's rules are mixed with components of contemporary biology and platforms thought to discover the elemental human studies of lifestyles, which recur throughout the a while. Revealing the implicitly cross-cultural and interdisciplinary nature of Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Explorations represents an important contribution to the literature of archetypes and integrative methods to human behaviour.

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ASSIMILATION, ACCOMMODATION Assimilation and accommodation are represented in archetypal functions as constellation and projection. Insofar as an external object can be perceived, it must be assimilable to the archetypal structure of a complex. Fordham (1957), relying on the IRM2 metaphor, has noted that in the early weeks of neonatal life, the archetypal structure of perception requires a perfect or near perfect fit between the external stimulus and the pattern embodied in the archetypal template.

This appears at the cellular level with the need of certain cells in growing systems to die off so that others can take their place, and for populations to grow old and die so that newer versions of organisms can have their day. There remains, however, a hint from his work on alchemy that Jung may have seen even the coincidence of opposites itself resolved into a final, absolute and paradoxical “absolute opposition” in order to provide the system with psychological validity (1968b, para. 256). ASSIMILATION, ACCOMMODATION Assimilation and accommodation are represented in archetypal functions as constellation and projection.

We again come to the octahedral structure as somehow primary. It is rooted in our genes and in our experience, and through it we and all other creatures on earth, whether explicitly, or implicitly, filter our worlds. The space-time quaternio, the dimensions of experience, left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards, are evident to every child. Their ubiquity argues for their insignificance. Yet on an archetypal level, it is just their common occurrence that gives them special significance. Eliade notes that 32 ARCHETYPAL EXPLORATIONS The space inhabited by man is oriented and thus anisotropic, for each dimension and direction has a specific value; for instance, along the vertical axis, “up” does not have the same value as “down”; along the horizontal axis, left and right may be differentiated in value.

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