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By K. Pantel, G. Riethmüller (auth.), Ursula Günthert Ph.D., P.D., Professor Peter M. Schlag M.D., Professor Walter Birchmeier Ph.D. (eds.)

In metastasis, tumor cells disseminate from the first lesion and residential to secondary organs the place they might stay dormant for a very long time. Metastasis formation remains to be the main feared manifestation for tumor sufferers and clinicians. even supposing advancements were made pertaining to previous detection and particular treatment, many of the melanoma sufferers nonetheless die of far away metastases. the aim of those 3 volumes is to study the hot growth in molecular metas­ tasis learn and to try to additional comprehend the biol­ ogy of this multifocal method. With appreciate to give day molecular biology, the pioneers of metastasis study verified the fundamental strategies of metasta­ sis formation within the Seventies and Eighties, specifically, clonal number of metastatic cells, heterogeneity of metastatic subpopulations, organ specificity of metastasis and the significance of angio­ genesis (Fidler, Kripke, Nicolson, Folkman and others). within the Nineteen Eighties and Nineteen Nineties, a number of of the molecules concerned have been pointed out and their community interactions elucidated. those 3 volumes of present subject matters in Microbiology and Immuno­ logy assemble the latest advancements on those meta­ stasis-related molecules; their interactions, rules, and how you can intrude with their motion. It grew to become obtrusive that metastasis-related molecules are limited to designated mobile booths, akin to the extracellular area, the mobile membrane, the cytoplasmic signalling community, and the nuclear regulatory method. For the complicated metastatic cascade, proteolysis and changes in adhesive capabilities are the obvious and therefore some of the most completely investigated processes.

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Itu modification of tumour cells with novel genetic material. Direct gene transfer recently has been shown to be achievable in humans using cutaneous malignant melanoma as the target tumour (NABEL et al. 1993). The human HLA-B7 gene was injected as a complex of DNA with liposomes into subcutaneously located melanoma deposits of HLA-B7 negative patients (NABEL Richard Dimbleby Department of Cancer Research, Rayne Institute, 5t. R. Hart et al. 1993). In the five patients evaluated not only was the procedure shown to be safe but also as many as 1 %-10% of the tumour cells around the injection location expressed protein resulting from expression of the transduced gene.

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