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Chanel: название, которое воплощает вкус, очарование и стиль.Дом моды Chanel основан в 1920 году Coco Chanel.В книге более чем 50 иллюстраций.Chanel: the style identify that epitomizes style, glamour and magnificence. based within the 192Os by means of the mythical Coco Chanel, the home of Chanel is still on the leading edge of latest type. This e-book illustrates in incredible color the logos of Chanel variety - the little black costume, the immediately recognizable Chanel go well with, the glittering gown jewellery - and explores the exceptional occupation of the womam who modestly credited her luck to having been within the correct position on the correct time . Francois Baudot is a journalist and author, and a primary reporter for Elle journal.

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