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Today he is still known as a great geometer, although almost all of his mathematical writings have been lost over the intervening centuries. We know the titles of many of his works and a little about their subject matter because many of the lost works were described by other authors of the time. Two works by Apollonius were preserved for the modern reader: Conics and Cutting-off of a Ratio. Conics is a major mathematical work. It was written in eight volumes, of which the first seven volumes were preserved.

This classical proof about the measures of the angles of a triangle is a paraphrase of a Line ABC is parallel to line DEF. proof from Elements, one of Line EB is called the transversal. the most famous of all ancient Angle ABE equals angle BEF. Greek mathematics texts. An especially elegant proof, it is a good example of purely geometric thinking, and it is only three sentences long. To appreciate the proof one must know the following two facts: FACT 1: We often describe a right angle as a 90° angle, but we could describe a right angle as the angle formed by two lines that meet perpendicularly.

A rectangle with the property that the ratio of the length of the longer side to the length of the shorter side is the golden section is sometimes called a golden rectangle. ” If we subtract away a square with the property that one side of the square coincides with the original golden rectangle we are left with another rectangle, and this rectangle, too, is a golden rectangle. This process can continue indefinitely (see the illustration). The golden section also appears repeatedly in the proportions used in landscape painting in Western art up until the beginning of the 20th (continues) Rectangles A1B1C1D1, A2B1C1D2, A2B1C2D3, and A2B2C3D3 are golden rectangles.

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