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By Gail B. Stewart

Efforts to tighten place of origin defense have challenged the Untied States' conventional method of immigration and border keep an eye on. This ebook explores the dramatic alterations to the country's borders and coasts, and gives helpful perception into the altering face of immigration.

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48 Before the security was stepped up, many people were willing to rely on their own wits to cross, even if it took several attempts. The benefit of hiring a coyote is that a professional knows the best routes, and is able to provide illegal immigrants with fake Social Security cards or other documents once they arrive. S. “It’s not like you’re free once you get across [the border],” says one boy. “As long as you have no papers, nothing that proves you’re legal, you can be arrested anytime. ” 49 Hiring a coyote has always been expensive, but since September 11 the price has skyrocketed.

Armed citizens’ groups, some using high-tech scanners and satellite equipment, have begun patrolling the border areas. Although many have accused such groups of being no more than vigilantes, one citizens’ group member disagrees. “We are going to do the job that he refuses to do. He is not protecting American The Human Borders citizens. ” 55 Other residents see the citizens’ patrols as having the potential to do far more harm than good. “I can see being angry about drug runners making roads through your property,” says Earle, who lives in another remote border area in southern California.

Inside the container, the man had a bed, a makeshift bathroom, airport maps and security passes, and a phony airport mechanic’s certificate. However, the cargo containers on incoming ships are not the only danger. The ships themselves can be used as weapons, in much the same way airplanes were used on September 11. Cargo ships are very slow, but they are massive, and if a terrorist gained control of a ship and rammed a bridge, an oil 60 S e c u r i n g A m e r i c a ’s S e a B o r d e r s tanker, or an offshore nuclear power plant or petrochemical complex, it would be catastrophic.

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