New PDF release: Developing application frameworks in .NET


By Xin Chen

This e-book explains what frameworks are and the way they healthy into functions, and provides many object-oriented strategies utilized in software frameworks.

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String A sequence of characters Note that there is no upper limit on the amount of characters making up a string, because it can use varying amounts of memory. The Boolean type bool is one of the most commonly used variable types in C#, and indeed similar types are equally prolific in code in other languages. Having a variable that can be either true or false has important ramifications when it comes to the flow of logic in an application. As a simple example, consider how many questions there are that can be answered with true or false (or yes and no).

For example, the following variable names are fine: myBigVar VAR1 _test These aren't, however: 99BottlesOfBeer namespace It's-All-Over And remember, C# is case-sensitive, so you have to be careful not to forget the exact case used when you declare your variables. 2007 21:56:35] Variables will prevent compilation. A further consequence of this is that you can have multiple variables whose names differ only in case, for example the following are all separate names: myVariable MyVariable MYVARIABLE Naming Conventions Variable names are something you will use a lot.

2007 21:56:29] Console Applications Console Applications You use console applications regularly in this book, particularly to start off with, so the following Try It Out provides a step-by-step guide to the creation of a simple one. Try It Out – Creating a Simple Console Application 1. Create a new console application project by selecting the File New Project... menu item, as shown in Figure 2-5. Figure 2-5 2. Select the Visual C# node in the Project Types: pane of the window that appears, and the Console Application project type in the Templates: pane.

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