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By Andre Norton

Meet Nik Kolherne, certainly one of Galactic Society's dregs. not able to enhance himself legitimately, he concurs to assist and abet a kidnapping. His present: a brand new face to exchange the only scarred through his years of struggle.Along with a brand new face, Nik acquires a sense of right and wrong. Now he fights to unfastened the abducted boy, and himself, from the clutches of the Thieves' Guild.

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Vandy lay quiet now, the red sparks blazing in his eyes. Supplies, arms, cin-goggles-the tunnels-a chance to hide out until Leeds did arrive? It was wild, so wild that Nik could only consider such a plan because the fear that had been rising in him since their landing on Dis was now an icy and constant companion. He was sure that whatever plan Leeds had made had gone wholly awry, and the next move might be his alone. " Still keeping the tight grip pinning Vandy to the bunk, Nik spoke hurriedly.

The alien, did not break the silence, and Nik, wondering if the other were trying to needle him into some impatient mood, held to the same quiet. Then Orkhad suddenly brought his cup down on the table top, the metal against metal producing a ringing note. " To Nik, the question made very little sense. His job had been clearly defined back on Korwar. He was to bring Vandy here-wherever in the galaxy "here" was-and wheedle out of the boy the information Leeds needed. " Without waiting for any reply, Orkhad spat out that name, making it sound like an obscene oath.

Vandy's shake of the head was decisive. "These aren't Miccs-are they, Hacon? It's Lik Iskhag's doing! And how are we going to help anyone if they keep us shut up? If Umar tells Father and they come to get us-maybe it's all a trap and Father and Umar will be taken, too! We have to get out of here! " None of this was promising. Nik shoved the "heat ray" back in its belt loop. With Vandy in his present mood, Nik would never be able to talk him into telling what Leeds wanted. And Iskhag-that was the blue-skinned alien on Korwar.

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