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mycotoxins are heat-stable no significant reduction in their concentration will occur during baking (see Table Influence of baking and other heat processing on stability of trichothecenes). For details see each single mycotoxin. : BEN) A chronic kidney disease which was first described in the 1950s in the Vratza District (Bulgaria). Now the disease mainly occurs in different rural areas of Bulgaria, Romania, and Yugoslavia located within the Danube Basin.

Extending the autoclaving period did not significantly contribute to a reduction of the OTA level. ), cooking under pressure (lIS °C, 2 h) caused a 20% reduction in OTA concentration. Losses in the range of 20-76% occurred in artificially contaminated beans after cooking for 20 min at 121 °C in an autoclave. 7 Ilg1kg, country: Egypt , *Viciafaba L. incidence: 4/381 *, cone. 4-254 Ilg1kg, country: Japan, *for bean jam incidence: 5/99*, cone. 5 Ilg1kg, country: Japan, *butter incidence: 2/2, cone.

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