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By Peter Stafford

Traces the historical past of using hallucinogenic medications and discusses the mental and actual results of LSD, marijuana, mescaline, and different drugs.

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Dr. LT. " All efforts to arrive at a deliberate and informed evaluation of the drug were swept aside by the headlines of that year: • On March 26th, Timothy Leary was arrested in Laredo after less than half an ounce of marijuana was found on his daughter. The sentence was thirty years. Leary was suddenly transformed into the LSD movement's first martyr. • On April 6th, a five-year-old girl in Brooklyn swallowed a sugar cube impregnated with LSD that her uncle had left in the family refrigerator.

Once again the papers had a field day. A full-page ad for a McCaH'i article on LSD featured a baby broken into parts. Ironically, the article itself cast doubts on the charge of chromosome damage. Retractions of mistaken opinions and findings about the use and effects of LSD are quiet and very rare, and so it was in regard to the chromosome charge. Even though studies conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health and others disproved che allegation, even though Timothy Leary's chromosomes were examined and showed no abnormal breakage, even though other drugs have now clearly been established to be chromosomebreakers while LSD has not, the media took little if any notice of the new evidence /— .

66 The LSD Family CHEMISTRY Resemblances and Differences Between LSD and Other Substances LSD-25 is a crystalline molecule that shares, along with many other psychedelics, a two-ring "indole" nucleus—composed of one atom of nitrogen, eight of carbon and seven of hydrogen—in its chemical structure {a drawing of indole appears on page 262). This basic structure is common to the short-acting tryptamines, ibogaine, psilocybin, harmaline and other psychedelics, and it bears considerable resemblance to the chemical structure of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitiers that carry electrical impulses across synapses in the brain.

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