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2d variation - EPICS for college kids : quantity 1. featuring research, Context, and feedback on as a rule Studied Epics. Sara Constantakis, venture Editor; Meg Roland, Columbia Gorge neighborhood university consultant; Foreword through Helen Conrad-O'Briain, Trinity university, Dublin. Covers The Aeneid, Beowolf, The Cantos (Ezra Pound), El Cid, The Divine Comedy, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Faerie Queene (Edmund Spenser), Gerusalemme Liberata (Torquato Tasso), The Iliad, Kalevala, The Lord of the jewelry, Mahabharata, Les Miserables.

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Through marriage, Aeneas becomes kin to the Latins, and warfare alone will not get rid of the Trojans. This tension adds vigor to the fight between Aeneas and Turnus, who is also a suitor to Lavinia. S t u d e n t s , S e c o n d E d i t i o n , V o l u m e 1 A e n e i d Over and over, Virgil chooses to describe the killing of one person as it happened in front of a family member, which only heightens the pathos and horror of the moment. For example, Neoptolemus kills the youngest son of King Priam in front of his father and then kills King Priam in front of his daughters and wife.

1 2 E p i c s f o r Virgil often used commonplace words in fresh ways. Sometimes he deliberately used outdated terms that would attract attention because of their quaintness. Virgil also chose and combined words that enlarge the reader’s range of perception. His essential tool is variation within a symmetrical pattern, even within individual lines. ’’ Here he has used repetition (of the phrase ‘‘for you,’’), personification (the weeping of the woods and the lake), and levels of variation (first, woods, then water; second, water), mentioned first by proper name (‘‘Fucinus’s glassy waters’’) and then by the common noun ‘‘lake’’).

Social problems were quickly dealt with so that the city could focus its attentions on opposing the Carthaginian threat. When this single-minded focus was removed, Rome began to fall apart. Originally, most Roman citizens had at least a small farm that could generally support a family. The wars devastated these family holdings. Many men were away for long periods of fighting. Many never returned. It was difficult for the women and children left behind to do all the heavy farm work. Further, many Romans had to flee the countryside and band together in the safety of the cities when Hannibal (248–183 BCE ) invaded Italy.

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