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By Robert M. Corless

This booklet presents a brief creation to programming in Maple, with an outline of the main commonly-used instructions and constructs. It summarizes easy fabric, highlights slippery issues, and provides pointers on programming.
It additionally covers extra sophisticated themes particular to Maple: choice take into account; the suppose facility; using programs in Maple; overview principles; info buildings; computation sequences; simplification; answer of equations (including a bit on Groebner bases); series accelleration; the Maple version of floating-point assessment; calling different courses from Maple; operators; established varieties; neighborhood, worldwide, and atmosphere variables; tracing and debugging.

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In any event this ending of the file can do no harm. Exercise 1. On your system, write your initialization file maple. ini (or. mapleini t or whatever the appropriate name is). Include interface (echo=2) as your last command. Put a command in to print out a message showing that initialization has happened. 1 Worksheets The concern of the previous section is less important now than it used to be, because the advent of windowing systems is changing the most natural way of using Maple from this 'batch-oriented' method to a 'worksheetoriented' method.

1 for more discussion of this difficulty. 2 2. USEFUL ONE-WORD COMMANDS collect The Maple command collect can be used to put multivariate polynomials into a canonical form, with all coefficients of similar terms collected up. This function (or expand) must be called before the routines coeff or coeffs can pick off the coefficients. Another feature of collect is particularly useful in long computations-you can apply any function you like to each coefficient as the polynomial is collected. > p := 1 + x + 3 + 5*x + 6*y + 17*y-2 + 35*x + 52*x-2 + 99*x*y + (x+y)-3; p := 4 + 41 x + 6 Y + 17 y2 + 52 x 2 + 99 x y + ( x + Y )3 > collect(p.

10 1746 , and this agrees with the first three digits of the above. In the printed answer above there are 26 rows with 65 digits in them, and one with 57, giving 1747 digits in all, which agrees with the magnitude of the result of Stirling's formula. , which will give us the number of trailing zeros in the answer (because there will be more than enough factors of 2 to make each 5 a 10). The number of factors of 5 is f'V f'V j l720j l720 j l720 j l720 j ... l 720 5 + 9 + 9 + ~ + ~ + = 3125, this series terminates.

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