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By Stephen J. Chapman

Stephen Chapman's necessities of MATLAB Programming is a profitable freshman-level textual content that's useable in a variety of classes. This short textual content serves reasons -- it teaches find out how to application utilizing MATLAB as a technical programming language in addition to instructing scholars the fundamentals of laptop programming. utilizing top-down layout technique, the textual content encourages scholars to contemplate the right kind layout of a software prior to coding. challenge fixing talents in addition to the power to find wanted capabilities inside MATLAB also are provided making this article an invaluable reference software.

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Individual elements in an array are addressed by the array name followed by the row and column of the particular element. If the array is a row or column vector, then only one subscript is required. For example, in the preceding arrays a (2,1) is 3 and c(2) ϭ 2. A MATLAB variable is a region of memory containing an array, which is known by a user-specified name. The contents of the array may be used or modified at any time by including its name in an appropriate MATLAB command. 1 Variables and Arrays | 23 MATLAB variable names must begin with a letter followed by any combination of letters, numbers, and the underscore (_) character.

This function is often combined with the functions num2str (convert a number to a string) and int2str (convert an integer to a string) to create messages to be displayed in the Command Window. 1416” in the Command Window. The first statement creates a string array containing the message, and the second statement displays the message. 3 Displaying Output Data | 43 Formatted output with the fprintf function An even more flexible way to display data is with the fprintf function. The fprintf function displays one or more values together with related text and lets the programmer control the way in which the displayed value appears.

14' followed by a line feed. 2f indicate that the first data item in the function should be printed out in floating-point format in a field six characters wide, including two digits after the decimal point. The fprintf function has one very significant limitation: it displays only the real portion of a complex value. 4 Common Special Characters in fprintf Format Strings Format String Results %d Display value as an integer. %e Display value in exponential format. %f Display value in floating-point format.

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