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By Robert M. Blumenthal

Let {Xti t ~ O} be a Markov method in Rl, and get a divorce the trail X t into (random) part items which includes the 0 set ({ tlX = O}) and t the "excursions clear of 0," that's items of direction X. : T ::5 s ::5 t, with Xr- = X = zero, yet X. 1= zero for T < s < t. while one measures the time in t the 0 set properly (in phrases of the neighborhood time) the tours collect a degree theoretic constitution essentially just like that of procedures with desk bound self sustaining increments, other than the values of the method are paths instead of actual numbers. and there's a degree on direction house that is helping describe the degree theoretic houses of the tours within the comparable means that the Levy degree describes the jumps of a procedure with self reliant increments. the total circle of principles is named day trip concept. there are numerous beautiful issues concerning the topic: it truly is a space the place you'll be able to use to virtue basic probabilistic capability concept to make fairly particular calculations, it offers a common atmosphere for follow­ ing esoteric such things as David Williams' direction decomposition, it presents a mode for developing methods whose description by way of an in­ finitesimal generator or a few such analytic item will be advanced. And the information appear to be heavily regarding a great deal of present examine in probability.

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2 applies, and the process {IXtljt ~ O} is also a Markov process. We will show in 11-2 that when X is Brownian motion, IXI and X+ are probabilistically the same. But otherwise the two processes will be different. Usually it is X+ which is called "X reflected at 0" . c) Diffusion processes: Time homogeneous Markov processes with continuous paths which also are strong Markov are called diffusion processes, or just diffusions. Thus Brownian motion (if we take the paths continuous) is a diffusion and so, under the same proviso is reflecting Brownian motion as well as the Bessel processes.

Whatever the initial distribution, the process with that initial distribution will have stationary independent increments and will be continuous in probability. The most important special case by far is in Rl when Jtt is the normal distribution with mean 0 and variance t. 5. An apparently trivial example in Rl is obtained by taking Jtt to be unit mass at t. The corresponding process is called "uniform motion to the right" because P{Xt = Xo +t} = 1 for each t, (and the exceptional set of probability 0 is independent of t if the paths are right continuous).

If h is a positive £ measurable function and t is positive then by the strong Markov property of X. But clearly h(Xt+T) 0 X = h(Xt+T/) and we know already that pY (h(X t )) = pY (h(xt)) so the left side of the above equality is px (h(Xt+T); r) while the right side is px (pXT(h(xt); r)). This is the strong Markov property for the x process. A similar argument establishes quasi-left-continuity. The process x = (U,U,Ut,Xt,Ot,P:C) is called the canonical right con- tinuous realization of X. Usually one is given the original X and wishes to analyze some of its structure.

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