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By Theodore G. Ostrom

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D 1/-dimensional simplex convfcF0 ; cF1 ; : : : ; cFd 1 g of CP (generated by the given sequence of its vertices), is positive or negative. , negative). 2. 40) F1 Fd 1 F1 where the sum is taken over all flags of faces F0 is the determinant function. Fd 1 of P, and detŒ  The following is clear. 3. P/ D 0 sign convfcF0 ; cF1 ; : : : ; cFd 1 g cF0 ^ cF1 ^ d ^ c Fd 1 ; 1 where ^ stands for the wedge product of vectors. P/, where vold . / refers to the d -dimensional volume measure in Ed ; d 2. P/, where P D convfp1 ; p2 ; : : : ; pn g is regarded as a function of its vertices p1 ; p2 ; : : : ; pn .

D 2/-dimensional Rogers orthoscheme convfo; r1 ; : : : ; rd 2 g of the Voronoi polytope P Ed ; d 4. W Proof. h/ D h2 d C1 p centered at the point rd 2 . F1 / d C1 4 h2 holds for any side F1 of the face F2 . Œo; r1 ; : : : ; rd function of d 2 variables, namely O . Œo; r1 ; : : : ; rd 3 ; G0 ; S /; 3 ; G0 ; S / as a 42 2 Proofs on Unit Sphere Packings where 1 D kr1 k; : : : ; d 3 D krd assumption on h imply that r m1 D 1 Ä 1 ; : : : ; mi D r md For any fixed d 2 2 D 3 k; d 2 2i Ä i C1 D krd 2k D h.

Q/ where Svold 1 . d 1/-dimensional spherical volume measure. Œo; Q; S /. We need the following statement, the first part of which is due to Rogers [159] and the second part of which has been proved by the author in [29]. 11. o; convfvi ; vi C1 ; : : : ; vd g/ for all 1 Ä i Ä d 1. V; S /. 11 using the special decomposition of convex polytopes into Rogers simplices. , by the author [29]). ) For more details on related problems we refer the interested reader to [69]. 12. Let U0 be a regular convex polytope in Ed with circumcenter o and let si denote the distance of an i -dimensional face of U0 from o, 0 Ä i Ä d 1.

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