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Download e-book for iPad: Maple V Language Reference Manual by Bruce W. Char; Keith O. Geddes; Gaston H. Gonnet; Benton L.

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8 FIGURE 5. A Maple graph of sin(l/x)e- X 4. (a) If you have re-entered your Maple session after printing the plot, you will want the plot command to graph on your display again as it did originally, instead of creating graphics files. Use another plot setup command to change things back, so that plots will again appear on your display instead of going to the file. ) For example, plotsetup(xll); returns plotting to the display for X Window Systems. (b) Alternatively, you can cause the next plot to appear in another file in PostScript format by the command interface (plotoutput = NewFileName) ;9.

000000000 of a univariate polynomial. f solve cannot find all roots accurately if the problem is very sensitive to rounding errors in arithmetic. ,20, illustrates this. 12 Using Maple as a numerical calculator Sometimes increasing the digits of accuracy used in the computation helps. Here we increase Digits from its default of 10 decimal digits, to 20. However, this increases the computation time considerably. 000000000000000000 fsolve's optional third argument can take on the values given in Table 7.

In doing so, you also let Maple know how to evaluate the function when it appears in Maple expressions. The assignment (: =) operation can then associate a function name with the function definition. The name of the function is on the left-hand side of the : =. The function definition (using the arrow notation) is on the right-hand side. For example, f : = x -> x~2; is the Maple command to define f as the "squaring function". Once you have given this command, then evaluating expressions such as f (5) or f (y+1) produces the square of f's argument as the value of the expression (25 or (y + 1)2, respectively).

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