Five Point Someone: What Not to Do in IIT by Chetan Bhagat PDF

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By Chetan Bhagat

Novel set within the context of the altering Indian IIT global, funy, but additionally insightful referring to Indian tradition and modernization. first-class reports. quickly to be made right into a significant motion picture

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I know it's kind of a stupid thing to be proud of, but I am. I beat my powerful wings, let go of my grip on the tiny ridges in the linoleum, and escaped from the bathroom by zooming neatly beneath the crack of the door. Once out, I shot quickly up for altitude and safety. And headed for Chapman. 56 Chapter EIGHTEEN: AX The dust beast carried me up and up. I could feel gravity tugging at me. I could feel momentum as we moved faster and faster. I could see nothing. I could only hear a swirling sound.

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