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By W. Elenbaas (eds.)

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As far as the quality of the powder is concerned, the reader is referred to Chapter 4. The fact that the layer thickness is important will be readily appreciated when it is remembered that there can be no fluorescence in the absence of a fluorescent powder, and that in the case of a layer of infinite thickness, the light cannot emerge from tbe lamp because it is produced at the inside of the coating. There is thus an optimum layer thickness which guarantees absorption of almost all the 254 nm radiation, with a minimum absorption of the fluorescent light.

J. H. Campbell, H. E. Schultz and D. D. Kershaw Ill. Eng. 48, 95 (1953). Chapter 3 Luminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence J. L. 3 we have seen that light is emitted as the result of an electronic transition from a level of higher energy towards a level of lower energy. This applies quite generally for solid materials such as the tungsten coil of an incandescent lamp as well as the luminescent materials used in fluorescent lamps. At room temperature the electrons occupy the lowest possjble energy levels.

E = t V/cm; anode + cathode fall = 100 V 4. -----,------, t 'L 50t---F-7"'--+-::"ii"""""---+- ·-::::;;;;o-~---~ 50 tOO -l{cm) 150 200 30 FLUORESCENT LAMPS Va+c = 100 V (curve 3). The efficiency when I= oo is placed at 100 (when I= oo, the efficiency is unaffected by Va+c)· Curves I and 2 relate to thermal emission of the cathode (and conditions being such that the gradient is 0·75 V/cm), whereas curve 3 refers to a cold-cathode tube; in this case a high efficiency is attained only when I is very large, and this is the reason why cold-cathode lamps are usually of considerable length.

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