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Blake had prolonged his frenzied jottings to the last, and the broken-pointed pencil was found clutched in his spasmodically contracted right hand. The entries after the failure of the lights were highly disjointed, and legible only in part. From them certain investigators have drawn conclusions differing greatly from the materialistic official verdict, but such speculations have little chance for belief among the conservative. The case of these imaginative theorists has not been helped by the action of superstitious Doctor Dexter, who threw the curious box and angled stone- an object certainly self-luminous as seen in the black windowless steeple where it was found- into the deepest channel of Narragansett Bay.

He felt entangled with somethingsomething which was not in the stone, but which had looked through it at him- something which would ceaselessly follow him with a cognition that was not physical sight. Plainly, the place was getting on his nerves- as well it might in view of his gruesome find. The light was waning, too, and since he had no illuininant with him he knew he would have to be leaving soon. It was then, in the gathering twilight, that he thought he saw a faint trace of luminosity in the crazily angled stone.

Now and then he would fumblingly make an entry in his diary, so that detached phrases such as “The lights must not go”; “It knows where I am”; “I must destroy it”; and “it is calling 43 The Haunter of the Dark to me, but perhaps it means no injury this time”; are found scattered down two of the pages. Then the lights went out all over the city. M. according to power-house records, but Blake’s diary gives no indication of the time. ” On Federal Hill there were watchers as anxious as he, and rain-soaked knots of men paraded the square and alleys around the evil church with umbrella-shaded candles, electric flashlights, oil lanterns, crucifixes, and obscure charms of the many sorts common to southern Italy.

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