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By Neal Ford

As a way to benefit from practical programming positive aspects in Java and different languages, this in-depth consultant takes you past syntax and demonstrates the way you have to imagine in a brand new approach. software program architect Neal Ford indicates intermediate to complicated builders how useful coding helps you to step again a degree of abstraction so that you can see your programming challenge with larger readability. every one bankruptcy exhibits you a variety of examples of useful pondering, utilizing a variety of code examples from Java eight and different JVM languages that come with practical functions. This ebook may well bend your brain, yet you are going to come away with an exceptional grab of practical programming ideas.

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Table 2-1. Integer classification scheme Perfect Sum of factors = number Abundant Sum of factors > number Deficient Sum of factors < number One additional mathematics concept assists in the implementation: the aliquot sum, which is defined as the sum of the factors of a number not including the number itself, which is nominally one of the factors. Using an aliquot sum rather than the proper sum of the factors makes the comparisons for perfection easier: aliquotSum == number rather than sum - number == number.

Rem num %)))) sum (reduce + factors) aliquot-sum (- sum num)] (cond (= aliquot-sum num) :perfect (> aliquot-sum num) :abundant (< aliquot-sum num) :deficient))) ; ; ; ; ; Methods become assignments. Assign factors to filtered range. Assign sum to reduced factors. Calculate aliquot sum. Return the keyword (enumeration) indicating the category. If your functions collapse to single lines, you can shorten function definitions to a list of assigments, which is what happens in Example 2-18. The (let []) block in Clojure allows the creation of function-scoped assignments.

Scala Scala has the richest set of fold operations, in part because it facilitates several typing scenarios that don’t appear in the dynamically typed Groovy and Clojure. range(1, 10) reduceLeft((a, b) => a + b) // 45 The function that’s supplied to reduce() is typically a function or operator that accepts two arguments and returns a single result, thereby consuming the list. info The reduceLeft() function assumes that the first element is the left side of the opera‐ tion. For operators such as plus, the placement of operands is irrelevant, but order matters for operations such as divide.

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