Leila Schneps, Pierre Lochak's Geometric Galois Actions: The inverse Galois problem, moduli PDF

Algebraic Geometry

By Leila Schneps, Pierre Lochak

This ebook surveys growth within the domain names defined within the hitherto unpublished manuscript "Esquisse d'un Programme" (Sketch of a software) by way of Alexander Grothendieck. will probably be of broad curiosity between staff in algebraic geometry, quantity idea, algebra and topology.

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There is a natural action There is action of of the the absolute absolute Galois Galois group group G on on Belyl /3): both X Belyi pairs (X, (X,ft): X and and /3 ft are defined so one defined over over Q, so can let each automorphism ao 6E G G act naturally can let each automorphism naturally on on the the defining defining 32 32 Gareth Jones and Manfred Gareth Manfred Streit a coefficients to give a BelyT pair (X (Xe, coefficients Belyi pair ,/? a ). ; X -÷ X' such /9; then there is phism i : X -> X is an induced induced action of G pairs.

Dividing P by P = QX QX + c3x3 c3x3 + c2x2 c2x2 + c1x cix + c0. c0. Nikolai Adrianov Adrianov and and George George Shabat Shabat 22 The above condition implies implies that that c1 The above condition c\ = c2 == c3 c3 = 0, 0, or: or: 2 2 144239ac2b — 100362a 100362a2cb 144239ac26 c6 ++ 2373872acb 2373872ac6 4 + 5253120c 5253120c2 — - 13152000a 13152000a — 23961600b — 11126ac4 239616006 ++ 21043200c 21043200c ++ 523008c3 523008c3 ++ 15648c4 15648c4 11126ac4 — 81920bc3 819206c3 —- 2049056ac2 2049056ac2 —- 12453120ac —- 123440ac3 123440ac3 —- 8239040bc 82390406c 2 2 2 — 1022648bc2 10226486c ++ 10831160ba 108311606a +4 2108528a2c 2108528a c 425097406 +4 5275200a2 5275200a2 + 2509740b2 — 87614a3c — 371048b2a - 1183439ba2 11834396a2 +4 179456a2c2 179456a2c2 87614a3c +4 499152b2c 49915262c 37104862a — 563130a3 563130a3 +4 24183ba3 241836a3 ++ 1814a2c3 1814a2c3 —- 850a3c2 850a3c2 +4 162a4c 162a4c 2 2 4 — 16352acb2 + 42486 4248b2a2 13050a4 = 0 16352ac62 —- 26048b3 2604863 +4 21768b2c2 2176862c2 4a 4+ 13050a 0 2 2 2 — 23779a 23779a2cb 34585ac2b 184c2 — 52642560a 34585ac 6c6 ++ 899443acb 899443ac6 +4 1085 1085184c 3 4 — 13375040b — 5472c3 133750406 ++ 13704960c 13704960c 5472c +4-24576c4 24576c —- 22281bc3 222816c3 — 783020ac2 783020ac2 —- 10463168ac 10463168ac —- 32258ac3 32258ac3 —- 2670632bc 26706326c —- 209351bc2 2093516c2 2 + + 669724b2 13434684a2 — 574642ba2 + 6056367ba 60563676a ++ 2040186a2c 2040186a2c + 66972462 4+ 13434684a 5746426a2 + 103128a2c2 4103128a2c2 -— 86746a3c 86746a3c + 9196062c -— 77176b2a 7717662a 1169544a3 + 91960b2c — 1169544a3 4 + 4 6075ba3 60756a3 —- 2112b3 211263 +4 63129600 63129600 -f + 24300a 24300a4 = = 0 0 3 2 120864c3 + 240306acb + 25557760c 120864c 4240306ac6 4 25557760c +4 12144b2c 121446 c — 12696640b 126966406 2 — 2465672bc 24656726c —- 14854ac3 14854ac —- 270334a3 270334a —- 608732ac2 608732ac —- 177419bc2 1774196c2 + 14854a2c2 — 7362a3c 4+ 2681547ba 26815476a +4 740302a2c 740302a2c +4 243584b2 24358462 4 14854a2c2 7362a3c — 6160b2a 616062a —- 92147ba2 921476a2 —- 9057728ac 9057728ac —- 48328960a 48328960a +4- 1458a4 1458a4 2 — 4096c4 4096c4 +4 104313600 104313600 +4- 2448384c2 2448384c2 4 0 + 6669644a 6669644a2 = = 0 3 3 The system leads The direct direct solving solving of of this system leads to to an an equation equationofoflarge large degree degree(there (there 10 10 trees with the the same same valency valency sets).

For For more more faces of of the the Fermat Fermat triangulation described examples arising from from Belyl Belyi pairs, pairs, see see [Jon]. [Jon]. 3. Hypermaps. 3. 1 is is Monodromy and and Galois Monodromy Galois groups 35 a trivalent trivalent map map on on X, A',together together with witha a3-colouring 3-colouring of of its its faces faces with the labels labels 0, 0,11 and types of of faces faces form with and oo. These three types form the hypervertices, hyperedges hypervertices, hyperedges and and hyperfaces hyperfaces ofof aa hypermap hypermap % 1t on A', which which can can equivalently equivalently be the X, be obtained obtained by by using using j3 ,8 to to lift lift the hypermap 1-Li(with (withone onehypervertex, hypervertex,one onehyperedge hyperedgeand and trivial hypermap one hyperface) X.

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