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By L. H. Colligan

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Who is right? Doing research can help you discover which side you are on. Many scientists involved in the global warming debate arrive at their views after examining how climate affects particular areas related to Earth’s atmosphere, its oceans, animals, or plants. Some scientists focus on the rings of tree trunks to fi gure out when the earth was wet or dry in the past. Others travel to Earth’s poles to see what is going on with today’s ice and the ice of millions of years ago. Polar bear experts have opinions about climate change.

Carbon dioxide (CO2)—A gaseous compound of carbon and oxygen produced when organic matter dies, burns, or decays. climate—The average weather or the pattern of weather of a given region as measured over an extended period of time. climate engineers—Designers of projects to deliberately change the earth’s climate. climate forcings—Natural events that shape short- and long-term weather conditions. climatologist—A scientist who studies climate and weather patterns. deforestation—The process or action of clearing a forest, often by the cutting or burning of trees.

Coral reefs are home to about a quarter of all ocean plant and animal species, which are suffering as well. WATER VAPOR AND CLOUDS Both sides on the global warming debate agree that rising temperatures increase the rate of evaporation and amount of water vapor, which in Ocean Heat Content Ocean heat content (1023) 11 6 1 -4 -9 1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 Surface land temperatures are rising along with ocean temperatures, which can be compared with the chart on page 10.

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