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By Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1stWorld Library

Buy considered one of 1st global Library's vintage Books and aid aid our loose net library of downloadable eBooks. 1st global Library-Literary Society is a non-profit academic association. stopover at us on-line at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG - - Twelve years had handed for the reason that I had laid the physique of my great-uncle, Captain John Carter, of Virginia, clear of the sight of guys in that unusual mausoleum within the previous cemetery at Richmond. frequently had I contemplated at the strange directions he had left me governing the development of his robust tomb, and particularly these components which directed that he be laid in an OPEN casket and that the ponderous mechanism which managed the bolts of the vault's large door be available basically FROM the interior.

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As I approached the slightly more slender extremity of the branch it bent beneath my weight until, as I balanced perilously upon its outer tip, it swayed gently on a level with the ledge at a distance of a couple of feet. Five hundred feet below me lay the vivid scarlet carpet of the valley; nearly five thousand feet above towered the mighty, gleaming face of the gorgeous cliffs. The cave that I faced was not one of those that I had seen from the ground, and which lay much higher, possibly a thousand feet.

I arose again, laughing at my forgetfulness, and soon had mastered once more the art of attuning my earthly sinews to these changed conditions. As I walked slowly down the imperceptible slope toward the sea I could not help but note the park-like appearance of the sward and trees. The grass was as close-cropped and carpet-like as some old English lawn and the trees themselves showed evidence of careful pruning to a uniform height of about fifteen feet from the ground, so that as one turned his glance in any direction the forest had the appearance at a little distance of a vast, high-ceiled chamber.

He had turned for that portion of the forest which abutted on the cliffs, and thus the mad race was taking the entire party farther and farther from the boulder where I lay concealed. As I had watched the noble fight which the great warrior had put up against such enormous odds my heart had swelled in admiration for him, and acting as I am wont to do, more upon impulse than after mature deliberation, I instantly sprang from my sheltering rock and bounded quickly toward the bodies of the dead green Martians, a well-defined plan of action already formed.

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