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By Vincent Vycinas

The current research isn't really a chain of disconnected essays bearing on choose­ ed Western philosophies. All its components belong organically jointly and represent one entire. for that reason, the reader is warned to not use it as a reference booklet for one or one other thinker the following handled. The examine starts with the assertion of the exposition of primary occasion in Western philosophy which prevails with a special hue in all of the significant philosophies and which relates those to pre-philosophical or legendary proposal. The learn then treats chosen Western philosophies se­ parately with the tendency to reveal the foremost occasion of philosophy in them. ultimately it ways modern guy from the viewpoint of the basic occasion in philosophy. An inquiry into Western man's greatness is maintained the following all alongside as in detail certain up with the ancient improvement of philosophy. Philosophy contains greatness - no longer one of the philosophies, how­ ever, yet Philosophy as such. Philosophy as such isn't a composite of many of the significant philosophies in background; it precedes those, and is found in every one of them in a hid manner. It holds sway over them, they usually belong to it. Philosophy ideas the idea of thinkers; it's the Ordinance which directs the best way of concept, and that is answered to by means of the concept of the thinkers. during this approach, the main philosophies in heritage are different stages which, just like the bends and turns of a river, belong to Ordinance - to Nature's thought.

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The notion of things as the manifestations of the whole reality originates with Leibniz. A monad can face all other monads, as its objects, because it is; it reflects the primordial ('unthingly') monad of the universe. By doing so, it is a thing. In Hegel's philosophy, everything is because it reveals or manifests the movement of the Spirit. In Nietzsche's RE-ENTRY OF PHrSIS-IS-LOGOS 41 philosophy, each thing or value is by presenting or expressing the might of will to power. Everything is a monad, undergoes dialectical movement, or is the will to power, not because everything is 'unthingly,' but because it has the 'unthingly' shine lying upon itself.

In this search, the realistic St. Thomas becomes idealistic; he maintains God as the transcendental place of ideas which determine all 'thingly' reality. An idea in Plato's philosophy is the foundation of a thing - it is its subject. An idea carries, founds, and holds things in their beingness. God, the subject of all ideas, is ipso facto the subject of all reality. The Gothic spirit of scholastic philosophy sees things (all 'thingly' reality) as founded in God, the supernatural reality. Ordinance, the 'essentiation' of historicity, is the natural (and not supernatural) might which guides the thought of thinkers.

Pure existence is 'unessence' or 'unthing'; it is apeiron. To be a thing is to fall short of 'unthingness' and therefore to be indebted to it. All creatures owe their being to apeiron, the Creator, and therefore they glorify God in their diverse ways of not-being-God. Pure existence and essences are separated by an abyss. God is not being. The founding grounds of things are transcendental. No thing or being can be the founding grounds of all other things or beings. Things can be disclosed by the 'unthingly' milieu which grants meanings; this Milieu is the lightful openness in which things can appear and be things.

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