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By Janetta Rebold Benton

A clean and impossible to resist background of gargoyles-a society of stone creatures perched excessive above the workaday global. contains a useful consultant to gargoyle websites all through western Europe.

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Imp-man, comer oftaucr, Church of Saint John ihc Evangelist, Elkslonc, England. 49 — , Human Gargoyles Human gargo\'les are beautiful in their more often bizarre than anatomy and more often laughable than laudable in their behavior. Some engage in tivities tion on churches and drunkards with cathedrals, while others go far been an extremely serious assiduously avoided. In era in A mod- i — during which man holding a pitcher and cup, Church of Notre- and so on. ' Other gargoyles mav satirize those engaged in businesses frowned on by the Church, and lasting several days each year the social hierarchy was inverted, such as prostitutes human an example of the inversus mundi (world turned up- found the (like in L'Epine, France), \'agabonds, dice players, jugglers, e calendar were events such as the Feast of Fools startingjanuar)' and condemned bv law and fools head below, on the a Dame which fun was into the fact, built represent those considered mar- Church, banished from towns, or institutionalized: ac- misconception holds the Middle Ages to ha\ may ginal to medieval societ)' that are surprisingly bawdy, given their loca- beyond the bounds of conventional decency.

Bv part, man\- after so \-ears ha\'e elapsed, gargovles car\ed during the Middle sense of irrepressible life. Ages still con\ e\' disfigured Freddv a The ongoing histon* fact that the magnetism. the of gargo\les We humans seem unknown and mind beUeves tors of gargovles is do not e\il exist. The made permanent images that sculp- caned upon waking ha\e been s aflfection for the grotesque what frightens us seems recent years. The mere who Actors on the longo Trek humans with blood in\"entors of these compete fright portrav the transform others into Cartoon animators create pits the player against to glo\e with metal in which the a beautiful monstrous gargovle.

This event took place within the Church; (plate 35), have the Feast of Fools was not a display of contempt for suggested that supporting figures that function as the Church. In reinforced its its control. fact, the Church may authority by keeping satirization under A similar sense of fun (and crudeness) embodied in gargoyles. H. ' Gargoyles, which are also functional portions of the architecture, similarly is airy bels corbels represent people punished cleverly have It , . human uitb animal head.

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