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By M.D.) Ams Special Session on Homotopy Theory (1998 Baltimore, J. M. Boardman, Jean-Pierre Meyer, Jack Morava

This quantity offers the complaints of the convention held in honor of J. Michael Boardman's sixtieth birthday. It brings into print his vintage paintings on conditionally convergent spectral sequences. over the last 30 years, it has turn into obtrusive that a number of the private questions in algebra are top understood opposed to the historical past of homotopy concept. Boardman and Vogt's idea of homotopy-theoretic algebraic buildings and the speculation of spectra, for instance, have been benchmark breakthroughs underlying the advance of algebraic $K$-theory and the hot advances within the concept of causes. the quantity starts off with brief notes by means of Mac Lane, could, Stasheff, and others at the early and up to date heritage of the subject.But the majority of the amount includes learn papers on themes which were strongly motivated via Boardman's paintings. Articles supply readers a bright experience of the present kingdom of the speculation of 'homotopy-invariant algebraic structures'. additionally incorporated are significant foundational papers by means of Goerss and Strickland on functions of equipment of algebra (i.e., Dieudonne modules and formal schemes) to difficulties of topology. Boardman is understood for the intensity and wit of his principles. This quantity is meant to mirror and to have a good time these positive features.

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This book contributes further generalizations to the list. But, the main advantage of stratified Morse theory is that, at least for complex varieties, it provides a unified approach through which a wide variety of generalizations can be proved and understood. What follows is a nonhistorical account. Original references to the literature for specific results are given immediately after their statements in the main portion of the text. 2. Generalizations Involving Varieties which May be Singular or May Fail to be Closed One of the most dramatic generalizations is that the LHT holds for q uasiprojective varieties and the LHT* holds for singular varieties, both without modifying the statements: Theorem.

Perhaps the first attempt at an abstract theory of stratifications appears in Whitney's concept of a "complifold", or complex of manifolds [W4] (1947). However, we will concentrate on the history of stratification theory during the period between 1950 and 1970, when complete proofs of the isotopy lemmas appeared. Although stratification theory developed together with the theory of singularities of smooth mappings, it quickly became an important tool with a broad range of applications which extends well beyond the study of singularities of mappings (see, for example, [L03] (1959), [Sc] (1965), [W2] (1965), [Fe1] (1965), [Fe2] (1966), [Z3] (1971), [MP1] (1974)).

So that (4) 1 0 1tA = I for each stratum A of Z. Any vectorfield V on lRn has a controlled lift to a vectorfield W on Z. This means that W is tangent to the strata of Z, and whenever A < B are strata we have (1) (1tA)*(WIBnTA)=WIA. , W is tangent to surfaces of constant PA)· (3) I*(W)= V. It turns out that the integral curves of such a controlled vectorfield W fit together (stratum by stratum) to give a continuous one parameter family of stratum preserving homeomorphisms of Z which commute with f Furthermore, commuting vectorfields Vi> Vz , ...

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