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Ton. Vul. The fresh mashed leaves put on wounds and open ulcers will stop them to bleed and. they purify the sores. The, seed increases the urine and is good for gravel and stones. It is a mild stimulant to the mucous surfaces and a tonic for the stomach and the Illustrated Phytotherapy by Deschauer — Page 63 bowels. It is used freely in coughs due to colds, in fevers, disorders of the liver, bleeding from the lungs, also in coughs and bronchitis. The distilled water is used for freckles and sunburn.

Car. Sti. Dia. The leaves are fine in stomach troubles, colic, etc. The infusion of the berries creates appetite and removes internal obstructions. The oil is used externally for nerves, sprains, bruises, weakness of limbs, paralysis and deafness.. The oil also relieves earache. The fruit is excellent in hysteria. For paralysis and weakness of the limbs the following formula is recommended: Oil of Bay 90 grams, Balsam of Peru 30 grams, Alcohol 60 grams. Mix well and rub into affected parts several times a day.

From the fruit a syrup is made for lung troubles. From the green twigs a tea is made for abdominal ailments. The tea is also beneficial for diphtheria and inflammation of the throat. 8 grams to a cup of water. No. 85—Hawthorn—Crataegus Oxyacanthus COMMON AND FOREIGN NAMES: English Hawthorn, Noble Epine, Quickset, Thorn Apple Tree, Maytree, White Thorn, Hazels, Gazels, Ladies' Meat. L'epine Noble, Hagerdorn, Weissdorn. HABITAT: Europe, North Africa, Western Asia, U. S. A. CHIEF CONSTITUENTS: Amygdalin.

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