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By Christian Göseke

Japanese brands have won massive industry stocks in worldwide pageant within the final many years. regardless of speedy Yen appreciation, indicators of unemployment, and the true property and banking drawback there isn't any cause to think that the stipulations resulting in Japan's unparalleled quick progress have replaced. Christian Göseke analyses the position of the Japan exterior alternate association (JETRO) and indicates that this exchange selling country supplier constitutes an information-sharing procedure that improves the competitiveness of jap organizations. the writer involves the realization that strategies of amassing and disseminating info on overseas markets are extra effective than these of the German alternate promoting system.

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1. An Evaluation of the Political System: The State's Record of Success Although the Japanese economy is presently undergoing a change, it held a top position for many years in terms of growth, unemployment rate, inflation and other macroeconomic indicators. Figure 2 - 1 gives an overview on macroeconomic performance of Japan, Germany and the United States. As mentioned before I do not think that this is only or mainly the result of state intervention. Thus, one should not overestimate the influence of the state or the MITI.

It would, however, not explain why individual firms choose to join JETRO. This study aims to explain the existence of JETRO by economic concepts, the underlying assumption being rational human behavior. Under the heading "eurocentrism", it has been argued that it is not appropriate to the understanding of an alien culture to use tools and values of the own culture. I do not see, however, which alternatives we have to familiar categories in trying to capturing something unknown. Acknowledging that there are phenomena in the Japanese society that are difficult to bring in line with pure market economl, I view these as exceptions.

A persistent trade surplus is not desirable for at least two reasons: There is a danger of • imported inflation . • trade frictions and political pressure from other nations. I do not argue that the shift of emphasis towards import promotion in the Japanese ca se has been motivated by the belief that import promotion could improve the competitiveness of Japanese firms or the welfare of the Japanese economy. But I think it is possible that import promotion in Japan concentrates on measures that improve the competitiveness of Japailese firms.

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