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By Amrita Dubey SkillSoft Press

Easy methods to use SAX, XSLT, and XPath to govern XML files, in addition to use of XML-RPC protocol for getting access to systems on a distant desktop, and lots more and plenty extra.

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To modify the information in the XML document, you need to create a filter by implementing the AbstractFilter class. > In the above listing: • The FilterAddStudent filter is implemented using the AbstractFilter class. • The FilterAddStudent filter contains the AddStudent() function that adds records of the students to the XML document. • The AddStudent() function stores the student details in the StudentDetail array, which is accessed by the event handlers to add new student records in the existing XML document.

The parser parses the XML document, finds the tag, creates the student object, and stores its reference in an array. When the parser finds the and tags, it assigns the value to the name and marks property of the student objects respectively. > In the above listing: • The parser creates the objects of the student element and stores them in the studentDetail array. • The Student class creates the functions for retrieving the XML data. The StudentCreateObject filter parses the XML document and creates the objects corresponding to each element.

Doc = xmldoc($xml_string)) { die("Error in XML document"); } // get the root node $root = $doc->root(); // get its children $children = $root->children(); // Iterate through child list for ($x=0; $xtype == XML_ELEMENT_NODE) { // Retrieving the text $text = $children[$x]->children(); $cdata = $text[0]->content; if($children[$x]->get_attribute("ID")) { echo "
" . $cdata . > The above listing shows how to implement the DomAttribute class.

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