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By Elmore Leonard

Ordell "Whitebread" Robbie makes an outstanding residing promoting unlawful high-powered weaponry to the incorrect humans. Jackie Burke couriers Ordell's earnings from Freeport to Miami. however the feds are directly to Jackie—and now the getting older, yet nonetheless scorching, flight attendant should do legal time or play ball, which makes her a primary "loose finish" that Ordell must tie up completely. Jackie, even if, has different concepts. And with the aid of Max Cherry—an sincere yet disgruntled bail bondsman trying to get out—she may possibly even turn out with a significant nest egg within the procedure.

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It wasn't romantic poetry anyway, it was mostly Ginsberg and Corso, those guys. He liked them even though he had to face demonstrators in those days with a riot baton, out in the streets being called a pig, and he'd wonder, Wait a minute. What am I doing here? This was before he made detective and liked Homicide so much he was willing to die there. " Meaning a uniformed deputy in dark green reciting poetry, but missing the point entirely that it was one of the Beats. He remembered a poem more recently by a guy named Gifford called "To Terry Moore" that ended with the lines, Tell me, Terry when you were young were your lovers ever gentle?

Perfect. But by the time he paid his check, walked several blocks to his car, and drove up Collins Avenue to the bank, it was closed. Last week he might have given up. Not today; he was making his move. Looking stupid to the guy in the liquor store didn't even set him back. It told him to, goddamn it, do it right. Liquor stores, he knew, were never as easy as banks. Louis used the tire iron to pry the lock off Max's gun cabinet in the meeting room with the office refrigerator and the coffee maker.

Something behind her moved in front of the light. Jackie knew who it would be as she straightened and turned to look over her shoulder at Ramona. Heavyset, her skin dark, her black wig highlighted from behind. " "If you want," Jackie said. "Just don't give me a hard time, okay? " "You a stewardess, huh? " She would sleep and wake up to stare at crisscrossed springs and the mattress close above her in faint light and would hear voices and a radio playing. She would feel the plastic ID bracelet, turning it on her wrist.

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