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He cried, staring at their luggage—Alacrity's warbag and attached umbrella case, Floyt's travel bag, and the parting gifts from Dorraine and Redlock, a not-excessive pile of this and that bulging in a large backpack. Amarok made it sound as if they'd lugged along an engine block collection and a wet bar. "That's right," Alacrity answered. " Redlock had said no such thing, but Amarok didn't know that. With considerable worming effort, he turned around in the narrow passageway and led them forward.

He bent forward, but the harp seemed to be withdrawing from him. Alacrity took a deep breath, preparing to swing himself out further. Then he realized perplexedly that the harp wasn't withdrawing; the Page 33 gantry was moving backward. Arms grabbed him from behind and dragged him down to the gantry surface. All in a moment, the harp subsided, becoming an almost invisible, almost silent ghost. Floyt was on top of him, holding him. Alacrity's outstretched hand pulled further and further back from the harp.

Floyt moved to the center of the maximum-headroom spot between the Hawking generator and the power-section hatch. He drew from his pocket a length of rope. Shaking it out and taking it in both hands, he poised dramatically, then began jumping. He started slowly, Page 52 not having done it in a long time. "Yes? " Amarok said expectantly. Alacrity intervened. "Um, Ho, is this your idea? " Floyt was jumping more confidently now, getting the rhythm and the feel of the rope. " The rope slapped the deck; Floyt skipped lightly, changing his lead foot.

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