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By Diana Palmer

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She blinked. She smiled drowsily. She felt very uninhibited. He was looking at her breasts and she liked it. Her head fell back, because he hadn't turned her loose. His hands weren't bruising anymore, but they were holding her wrists firmly. She arched her back 108 THE LAST MERCENARY DIANA PALMER 109 sensuously and watched the way his eyes narrowed and glittered on her breasts. She saw his body tense, and she gave a husky, wicked little laugh. " she asked, vaguely aware that she was being reckless.

The woman asked Micah boldly. He gave her a lingering appraisal, from her long, elegant legs to her full breasts and lovely face. He smiled. " Her eyes lit as if they'd concealed fires. " "Then you must know Lisette Dubonnet," he said. "Dubonnet," the uniformed woman repeated, frowning. " "Yes," he said. "Lisette and I have known each other for several years. " The flight attendant looked suddenly uncomfortable, and a little flushed. Micah was telling her, in a nice way, that she'd overstepped her introduction.

She glowered at him as he got to his feet. "That's great," she muttered. "That's just great. " He chuckled helplessly. "Not usually, no. I'll leave the door between our rooms and the bathroom open. " "Gosh, you're brave," she said. "Aren't you afraid to leave your door unlocked?

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