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By Prof. Dr. sc. math. Klaus D. Schmidt (auth.)

"... particularly now, the place from the part of mathematical finance curiosity is additionally proven for insurance-related items, a ebook like this one will certainly be instrumental in speaking the elemental mathematical types to non-experts in coverage. I accordingly welcome this publication for its meant audience." P. Embrechts. Mathematical stories, Ann Arbor "... [The booklet] comes in handy as an in depth theoretical supplement to at least one of the classical introductory texts on hazard conception ...". M. Schweizer. Zentralblatt für Mathematik, Berlin "... The author's targets are essentially proclaimed on the outset, and they're pursued with patience and integrity. the result's a e-book that's an crucial entire, unique in a few respects, with attention-grabbing contributions. And no blunders - no longer even a unmarried misprint. i like to recommend it to each teach of hazard thought as a resource of mathematically reliable proofs and entire explorations of sure features of the subject." R. Norberg. Metrika, Heidelberg

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7) It now follows from (6), (5), and (1) that the claim number process {NdtER+ is a Poisson process with parameter a. Therefore, (a) implies (b) . • Assume now that (b) holds. Since {Nt }tER+ is a Poisson process with parameter a, it is clear that {NdtER+ has independent increments and satisfies E[Nd = at for all t E R+. Therefore, (b) implies (c). n at 5 4 • 3 - • Nt(w) 2 1 0 0 T1(W) T2(W) T3(W) T4(W) Ts(w) Claim Arrival Process and Claim Number Process • Assume next that (c) holds. 2 that {Nt-at}tER+ is a martingale.

Lions of the Poisson process in terms of - the claim interarrival process, - the increments and expectations of the claim number process, - the martingale property of a related process, and - the claim measure. With regard to the claim measure, we need the following definitions: Define E := { A x (s, t lis, t E R+, s ~ t, A E Fs} and let 'H := (i(£) denote the (i-algebra generated by E in F08((0, (0)). 4 Theorem. Let a E (0,00). Then the following are equivalent: (a) The sequence of claim interarrival times {Wn}nEN is independent and satisfies PWn = Exp(a) for all nEN.

Pn,n(t, t+h) = e- ah , the function h f-4 Pn,n(t, t+h) is continuous, which proves (ii). Filially, we have · -1 ( 1 - e- ah) I1m h h-O as well as lim -hi Pn ' n+1(t, t+h) h_D a. This proves (iii). Therefore, {NdtER+ is regular with intensities Pn}nEN satisfying An(t) = a for all n E Nand t E R+. 0 The previous result shows that the properties introduced m this section are all fulfilled by the Poisson process. A Discrete Time Model: Adopt the definitions given in this section, as far as this is reasonable, to the discrete time model.

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