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Creased conceal, else as new

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124 TRIPHIBIAN ATOMICAR Bud chuckled and raised his hand. " Almost two weeks of frenzied preparation followed. A number of atomicars and trucks rolled off Ned Newton's assembly line at the Swift Construction Company. At the same time, skilled aircraft workers in another part of the plant were turning out a small fleet of magnetic homing pigeons powered by Tom's midget atomic power plants. Besides the mineral-detecting equipment and homing device, each plane was armed with the same simple "destroy" mechanism which Tom had installed in his successful second model.

His voice sounded hoarse and strained. " "I-I think it wiser not to discuss the matter over the phone," the banker told Tom. " "Very well. " Tom hung up in a daze. He had thrown himself so wholeheartedly into the project that he was shocked by Provard's announcement. A dazzling chance to show how the wonders of science could benefit a whole country, almost overnight-shattered by a single brief telephone call. When Bud strolled into the laboratory a few 119 120 TRIPHIBIAN ATOMICAR minutes later, he found the young inventor staring dejectedly out the window.

In the fresh pearly light of dawn, they washed at the riverside, then ate breakfast. Cheerfulness returned with the rising sun, and all three felt somewhat foolish about their fears of the night before. The lookouts seemed to have vanished from the cliffs-at least none could be detected through binoculars. "It's a cinch someone's interested in our movements, though," Tom reflected soberly. 100 TRIPHIBIAN ATOMICAR Later that morning Arv, Hank, and Slim arrived from Shirabad in the Sky Queen. "Our radio conked out last night," Arv explained, after hearing about Tom's vain attempt to contact them.

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