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By William J. Slater

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L i v y , w h o quotes P o l y b i o s at length, also used n o n - P o l y b i a n , annalistic material, sometimes useful for the present purpose (as for the excellent information he provides on the settlement of Asia Minor), sometimes quite puzzling (as for the purported invasion of Pergamene dominions by A n t i o c h o s I I I in 198: A p p e n d i x 6). A p p i a n ' s Syriake is more concise, but seems to have relied exclusively on Polybios. 1 8 T h e combination of the three literary sources (Polybian excerpts, L i v y , A p p i a n ) is not entirely helpful w h e n it comes to reconstructing the narrative for Seleukid activity in Asia M i n o r .

36 M o s t of the evidence is catalogued and studied by M c N i c o l l 1997. these cities were unwalled (ατείχιστος) and hence enjoyed a far smaller margin of manoeuvre, as can be seen in T h u c y d i d e s ' narrative of the Ionian W a r . A d m i t t e d l y , A n t i o c h o s I I I in winter 197/6 felt confident that he w o u l d conquer 'all the cities', because of their lack of trust in their walls and their fighting men; but this opinion reflected royal ideology and confidence, rather than any necessary outcome determined by material conditions.

T h e y transmit informative accounts, taken f r o m the totally lost Book 19 of Polybios, for the diplomatic confrontation between the two powers ( 1 9 6 - 1 9 2 ) , culminating in the R o m a n Seleukid W a r ; these accounts illuminate Seleukid conceptions and anxieties about the Anatolian dominion (see C h . 2 § 5). L i v y and A p p i a n also preserve the outline and many details f r o m Polybios' account of the R o m a n - S e l e u k i d W a r ; these details illustrate the condition of the poleis and the choices they faced at a time of superpower conflict (see C o n c l u s i o n , for the analysis of a few instances).

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