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By Lawrence Corwin (auth.), Rebecca Herb, Raymond Johnson, Ronald Lipsman, Jonathan Rosenberg (eds.)

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P f 6 [2(G) (pt near For s i m p l i c i t y t h a t for e a c h Pfk k Pf we m a y u k E i2(G) so P ( f k - LUk) is n o t that fk Pick is smooth. , in [24]. then there is is C~ near x, the r e s t of the a r g u m e n t , fk ~ £2(G) has c o m p a c t with support. such a k. Then fk - L U k near e. But ' a n d the t h e o r e m (Ltpt) t which e = 0. is n o t C~ follows. s u c h that From Proposition near = N ck(G) assume (using the p s e u d o - L U k = fk = Pfk there exists C ®. We m a y a s s u m e PL Therefore L2(G) t h e r e is a f u n c t i o n P) large.

3 It s u f f i c e s U ~ = (X~ + . . + imply W, theory that ~k fact, ~k for shows seminorms u may operator on G; of e l l i p t i c large enough to d e p e n d find with of least of o r d e r ~j. only an o p e n to on = ~kf = 8 '~locally W on the p r o o f always on ~. (see, solve V. here. , [i]) compact open Cm U0 on one m i g h t function. ) neighborhood Now let for is a and U 0. 3 6 ~' (U) Then o~erators V. Theorem Let Let is a b a s i s solvable [29]. of e Lu = f. set (In By u s i n ~ and a Since U 0.

Spectral hypotheses of o p e r a t o r s of t h e s e to the modify there classes of invertible. one m u s t As a c o n s e q u e n c e , For cases, hard Theorem differential is not that L = L*, to a q u e s t i o n In m a n y but are u s u a l l y when partial ~l(L) solvable, cases of (self-a~joint) U0, hypotheses easy solvability of arise with with ~2 2-step = irreducible nilpotent [G'G];GI can Lie be any representation of G m trivial on G 2 = Exp G 2 , then ~ is 1 - d i m e n s i o n a l . Let L = [0Lj , J where Lm ~ 0 is e l l i p t i c is t r i v i a l If ~ and Lj in the on of d e g r e e generatin_qg d i r e c t i o n s G2 E G 2 is h o m o g e n e o u s and ~ there , is n o t if ~ ( L m) the t r i v i a l is a b i l i n e a r j.

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