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John Sutter, the owner of the sawmill where gold around 12 million ounces (340 million g) of gold was mined during the gold was first found, did not find rush. That would be worth gold rush success. As gold around $20 billion using continued to be found across California, most of Sutter’s today’s prices. When the miners left to find gold on amount of gold mined their own. Soon, Sutter’s land was overrun with independent lessened in the late 1850s, prospectors. They destroyed miners had to find other much of Sutter’s land and mining equipment.

Find five words in this book that you’ve never seen or heard before. Use a dictionary to find out what they mean, and write the meanings in your own words. Then use each new word in a sentence. Surprise Me Chapter Four discusses what daily life in California mining towns was like. What two facts about living on the West Coast during the gold rush did you find surprising? Why did you find them surprising? Write a few sentences about each fact. indd 46 9/11/14 3:39 PM LEARN MORE Books Dunn, Joe. The California Gold Rush.

M. James wakes up and gets ready for work. Days start early for miners. He puts on his dusty brown work clothes, the same ones he’s been wearing for months. The miners gather at the goldfields. They spend the morning shoveling mud and dirt from the river into a Long Tom. m. Lunchtime. Each day around noon, a woman comes by the goldfields. She brings homemade lunches for the miners to buy. Breakfast is served at the boardinghouse where James is staying. He eats a meal of bread and beans. m. m. m.

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