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Geometry Topology

By by J.L. Soulé.

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Get Mathematical tables: logarithms, trigonometrical, nautical PDF

Excerpt from Mathematical Tables: such as Logarithms of Numbers 1 to 108000, Trigonometrical, Nautical, and different TablesThis vast selection of Mathematical Tables coniprehends crucial of these required in Trigonometry, Mensuration, Land-survey ing, Navigation, Astronomy, Geodetic Surveying, and the opposite functional branches of the Mathematical Sciences.

Lectures on vector bundles over Riemann surfaces by Robert C. Gunning PDF

The outline for this ebook, Lectures on Vector Bundles over Riemann Surfaces. (MN-6), may be drawing close.

Read e-book online Calculus Revisited PDF

During this e-book the main points of many calculations are supplied for entry to paintings in quantum teams, algebraic differential calculus, noncommutative geometry, fuzzy physics, discrete geometry, gauge idea, quantum integrable platforms, braiding, finite topological areas, a few points of geometry and quantum mechanics and gravity.

Sakai, Takashi's Riemannian Geometry PDF

This quantity is an English translation of Sakai's textbook on Riemannian geometry which was once initially written in jap and released in 1992. The author's cause in the back of the unique booklet used to be to supply to complicated undergraduate and graduate scholars an creation to trendy Riemannian geometry which could additionally function a reference.

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