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Environmental Studies

By Rachel Carson

Whilst Rachel Carson died of melanoma in 1964, her 4 books, together with the environmental vintage Silent Spring, had made her some of the most well-known humans in the United States. This trove of formerly uncollected writings is a important addition to our wisdom of Rachel Carson, her affinity with the flora and fauna, and her existence.

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One by one, brilliant-hued flowers blossom in the shallow water as tube worms extend cautious tentacles. The ocean is a place of paradoxes. It is the home of the great white shark, two-thousand-pound killer of the seas, and of the hundred-foot blue whale, the largest animal that ever lived. It is also the home of living things so small that your two hands might scoop up as many of them as there are stars in the Milky Way. And it is because of the flowering of astronomical numbers of these diminutive plants, known as diatoms, that the surface waters of the ocean are in reality boundless pastures.

S. headquarters for the study of bird migration, the Fish and Wildlife Service, came a long, official envelope from the American Embassy at Lima, Peru. It contained thirteen bands, taken from chimney swifts shot by Indians in the jungles of Peru during the northern winter. Records showed that the birds had been banded in Tennessee, Illinois, Connecticut, Alabama, Georgia, and Ontario, dates of banding ranging from 1936 to 1940. For the thirteen small birds, death won ornithological fame. The swift was the last North American bird whose winter range was unknown.

Among the few organic remains not dissolved before they reach these cold and silent depths are the ear bones of whales and the teeth of sharks. Thus we see the parts of the plan fall into place: the water receiving from earth and air the simple materials, storing them up until the gathering energy of the spring sun wakens the sleeping plants to a burst of dynamic activity, hungry swarms of plank-tonic animals growing and multiplying upon the abundant plants, and themselves falling prey to the shoals of fish; all, in the end, to be redissolved into their component substances when the inexorable laws of the sea demand it.

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